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From Jasper at mile zero, traveling on the Icefields Parkway south, if you stay on highway 93 you will ultimately end up in Wickenburg, Arizona. Yes! Highway 93 gets you to the Hoover Dam and Freemont Street in Vegas. That's one epic road trip!

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When you look out the window of your Mount Robson Inn hotel room, what mountains do you see? Here are the 5 most popular peaks to look for when visiting Jasper.

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Whether you've got romance on your mind with Valentine's Day coming or want a relaxing soak after a day outdoors, the Mount Robson Inn has some of the best suites with hot tubs in Jasper. With the pandemic currently causing the closure of our outdoor hot tubs, these suites check...

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A family of hotel operators started with Joe Gulevich who acquired a beautiful woodland piece of property outside of the Jasper town site near the eastern edge of Jasper National Park. Having grown up on a farm east of Edmonton, working with his hands was a familiar day for Joe....

The Jasper NordicFest multi-day sports festival is destined to become a premier loppet and sports festival that will attract skiers and athletes from across Western Canada! Utilizing the newly developed trails at Athabasca Falls and Whirlpool Hub, the locations are some of the most beautiful parts of the World. This...

Canadian Rockies, May 2014 – Jump in the car and drive. That’s what most people do when traveling the Icefields Parkway. They just grab the wheel and let the lay of the land guide them. Why not? Spontaneity is a big part of what makes the Icefields Parkway the #1...
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The notion of “traffic” in Jasper has always amused me. Sure, in the summer you can get stuck behind two lanes of rubbernecking RVs going 30 kilometres an hour down Connaught Drive, but it lasts all of a few blocks. In winter, the roads are pretty much wide open.

For many of us, a dark sky doesn’t exist in our urban landscapes where streetlights, office towers and sky-scrapers dominate. Skylines cast artificial glows to drown out the twinkling stars above. However, when you are in the presence of darkness, the amazing night sky comes into full view. On March...