Your "All You Need To Know" Icefields Parkway Road Map: Discover Hidden Gems between Jasper and Lake Louise

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Have you ever fantasized about embarking on an epic journey through the heart of the Rocky Mountains?

Brace yourselves, because we're about to spill the beans on one of Mother Nature's best-kept secrets – the Icefields Parkway.

Picture this: an enchanting ribbon of road meandering from the charming town of Jasper to the world-renowned Lake Louise. This 144-mile stretch of highway, known as Highway 93, isn't just a road trip; it's a thrilling odyssey through the very core of the Rockies.

What sets the Icefields Parkway apart from other scenic routes is its treasure trove of hidden gem stops along the way. From the thundering Athabasca Falls to the ethereal Sunwapta Falls, each stop on this scenic route offers an unmatched experience. Turquoise lakes, ancient glaciers, and lush forests will envelop you, waiting to be discovered.

So, buckle up, turn up the tunes and prepare to immerse yourself in hidden gems, towering peaks, and breathtaking wonders along the way.

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Our Journey Begins in Jasper - but get this, it works both ways!

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Attractions Along the Way

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Glacier Sky Walk
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Hikes and Walks along the Icefields Parkway

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Got questions? Here are some important tips for tackling the Icefields Parkway stress-free!


What to Pack for Your Icefields Parkway Adventure

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How to Truly Make the Most of Your Icefields Parkway Experience

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