Jasper Dark Sky Festival

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Jasper Dark Sky Festival

Experience the Cosmos Like Never Before at the Jasper Dark Sky Festival!

Welcome to Jasper, where the night sky unveils its celestial wonders in all their glory. Nestled within the breathtaking Jasper National Park, we proudly present the Jasper Dark Sky Festival – an awe-inspiring celebration of the cosmos that promises to transport you to another realm.

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2023 Events Lineup

October 13-15:

  • "Symphony Under the Stars" blends music and the cosmos.
  • Explore astrophotography at the "Intro to Photography Workshop."
  • Dive into Indigenous culture with the "Indigenous Fireside Chat."
  • Thrilling "Animals of the Night Hike" and "Geocaching/Dark Sky Treasure Hunt."
  • Stargaze with "Planetarium" and "Telescope" experiences

October 20-22:

  • Groove to the "Jay Ingram and the Dark Sky Band Show."
  • Witness the captivating "Drone Light Spectacle."
  • Engage in cosmic knowledge with "An Unusual Journey Through the Stars."
  • Test your wits at "Trivia Night" and meet up at the "Insta Meet-Up."
  • Discover Indigenous culture with "ᐸᐦᑭᓯᒧᐣ pahkisimon."
  • Explore nature during "Bio Blitz."

October 27-29:

  • Experience the grand "Jasper Dark Sky Space Ball."
  • Soar on the "Sunset Helicopter Cruise in the Rockies."
  • Find serenity with "Yoga Under the Stars."
  • Enjoy the "Music of the Night."
  • Immerse in "Planetarium Dark Sky Package" and "Planetarium Dome Theatre Experience."
  • Conclude with "Animals of the Night Hike" and the final "Geocaching/Dark Sky Treasure Hunt."
  • Jasper's Unique Nighttime Wonder:
  • Jasper National Park, a Dark Sky Preserve, offers minimal light pollution for a mesmerizing night sky.

Why Jasper?
One of Canada's 17 Dark Sky Preserves and the second largest in the world, Jasper offers accessible stargazing from town.

Join the Jasper Dark Sky Festival for cosmic revelations. Book your stay at Mount Robson Inn and journey into the cosmos!