Five Stunning Mountains to Gaze at from the Mount Robson Inn

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If the town of Jasper was transplanted to the plains of Saskatchewan would it be the world-renowned destination we love?! What makes us love Jasper then? It's the mountains of course!

You marvel at them, you take pictures of them, but do you know the name of the mountain you are looking at? Keep reading and you'll get to know a few.

Brain-filling facts

There are 422 named mountains in Jasper National Park. Wow, that's a lot! Located on the Continental Divide, the South Jasper Ranges are part of the Central Range of the Canadian Rockies. These ranges span both Jasper National Park and Mount Robson Provincial Park in BC. They contain notable subranges like the Trident Range and the Cavell range. There are many prominent peaks found in the South Jasper Range and all of them reach over 10,000 feet in elevation (or 33 football fields).

What's out your window?

The Mount Robson Inn is located at the west end of the town of Jasper. Facing south, with no other buildings on the other side, affords some of Jasper’s most exceptional mountain views all from the comfort of your room.

Have you stayed at our Jasper hotel? Do you know what you see out the window of your hotel room?

The next time you come to stay be sure to wave hello to these five majestic beauties carved over millions of years by erosion, rivers, and glaciers.

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Old man mountain
Athabasca River and Mount Kerkeslin
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